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APEX Clip on Gauge

APEX Clip on Gauge

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Measuring System

This handy tool allows you to measure your tension on the APEX 1.0 and APEX kit hands free!

Available in Lbs and LB/KG

As the springs compress they will line up with the indicated tension letting you know how much tension is on the device. 

Tips for use:

   When using, visualize the bottom of the SPRING as it lines up with the gauge. Dont use the thumbscrew or washer as your indicator. It is only the length of the spring that matters.

   Some find it more helpful to use the top of the washer or thumbscrew if your version doesn't have washers. Either way it is only the length of the spring itself that matters.

Our testing has shown unless your top bar is obviously not level that the variance in pressure is insignificant. (Less than 1lb) So don't worry about it being too far off one side or the other. If it looks level it is within ¼lbs of the indicated tension. 

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