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MN Vac Cups

MN Vac Cups

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MN Vacuum Cup

*Vacumn cup pump sold seperately*

   Our cups are made from high quality acrylic, clear so you can see exactly what's happening in the cup, and are perfect for pairing with an APEX, or used by themselves to hang weights.

• Perfect for taping or using PervMcSwerve's "water method".

• High quality acrylic for durability and longevity.

• Clear color for high visibility and easy detection of issues like blisters or edema


   • Measure the width of your FLACCID glans to determine which size is appropriate.

  • If in-between sizes, sizing down you risk not fitting, sizing up leaves you room to grow.

 • If you plan to use the water trick you may be able to use a size up. 

 • We personally recommend buying multiple sizes just in case, and to leave room to grow. 

*vacumn cup pump sold seperately*

*You do not need a cup pump if you plan on using the water method.*

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