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Massive Novelties

Massive Novelties Infrared Heating Pad

Massive Novelties Infrared Heating Pad

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Multiple settings capable of producing up to 45⁰c of IR heat.

At 40⁰c and higher we start to see collagen change into a much more pliable tissue, and the PE benefits of that are that elongation happens faster and with less tension needed! 

This is the ONLY infrared heating pad that is waterproof for cleaning, has an included USB-C power adapter, 8 feet of cord, a comfort fleece inner and outer, AND the controls are seperate from the pad, and let you control both heat and a timer! ADDITIONALLY you can disconnect the cord at 2 feet for use with a battery pack!

Combine with your APEX, or wrap around your favorite pump cylinder for the ultimate in heat assisted growth. 

Three settings: 20⁰c, 30⁰c, 45⁰c

Timer settings: 15min, 30min, 60min, continuous.

Dimensions: 8.5x5.5

NOTE: The pad is waterproof to facilitate cleaning. DO NOT wet or clean while plugged in. Clean with wet washcloth and mild soap, or use spray disinfectant. Let air dry.

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