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The APEX is already better than the best extender out there, and now it's more affordable!

We stripped the Apex down for pure function and the lowest price possible in the APEX KIT! Opting for a 3D printed base and swapping some parts gave us the opportunity to offer you the same functionality and comfort as the APEX, but in a DIY form everyone can afford, and can assemble using ONLY a Philips head screwdriver!

• The 3D printed base is made of one of the strongest polymers, and using an 80% infill gives it the rigidity to withstand several times the force it will ever handle.

• Able to produce over 20lbs of force.

• Compatable with the APEX clip on ruler

• Each APEX kit comes with an ergo fit base pad for added comfort.

• Ergonomic oversize thumbscrews make adjusting quick and eazy.

• Extend in any direction with ease.

Please see the embedded video for assembly instructions. 

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