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Massive Novelties

Apex Extender v1.0

Apex Extender v1.0

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The APEX is the BEST extender out there. Period.

Our all metal construction and lifetime warranty make it not only the choice for value, but longevity as well.

 The APEX Extender is able to completely replace hanging with the ability to create anywhere from 1lb to over 25lbs of tension by using the adjustable thumbscrews.

 This device can be used with vacuum cups OR compression hangers. NOT INCLUDED but sold here separately.



- The metal frame, made of ONE SOLID PIECE of High Grade powder coated high-carbon steel gives you unparalleled strength, rigidity and durability unlike plastic extenders that snap during use or wear grinding against themselves.


- The "Ergo Fit Base" is cast from HIGH QUALITY aircraft aluminum has a surface area approximately 400% larger than other extenders, providing supreme comfort for the heaviest sessions or the longest wear time. We took into account everything we learned from thousands of units of the frankenstender and APEX 1.0 and put it into what is truly the perfect base for high tension extending. NO pressure points, NO pinch points for the most luxurious extending experience possible. 


- 0-25lbs of tension gives you the option to use as a heavy hanging replacement, as a traditional extender, or an all day stretcher.


- NO more need to stay in one place for your hanging sessions. Enjoy mobility and the ability to extend at any angle from straight up to straight down.


- Our Adjustable spring loaded washer system means the extender will stay perfectly still at whatever angle you set it to!


- Other extenders twist and wobble causing ripped sleeves or pinch points, but the APEX's PATENT PENDING anti-rotation design prevents torsion and even allows the user to perform bundled extending, breaking down the tissues that actually limit growth!


-Upgraded patent pending single piece anti rotation frame for the most rigid piece of PE equipment you'll ever have in your hands. Better steel and molecularly bonded coating means it will NEVER stain or rust.


-Large textured thumbscrews make achieving even the highest tensions possible.





How do I measure tension?

Tension is measured by measuring spring compression with our available clip on ruler, or by measuring in millimeters and comparing to our APEX tension chart on r/massivenovelties


Does this come with cups sleeves etc...?

No. You will need to purchase either a vacuum cup and silicone sleeve, or one of the compatible compression hanging devices.


What devices is this compatible with?

Thus far we have tested the LG hanger, Totalman cups, Totalman compression hanger, the Malehanger, Fenrir/M9's Wrecking ball and Jackhammer, MOS cups, Tuffbrandz and of course the blue and amber Chinese cups. The phallosan and penimaster cups are not compatible as they use a proprietary design.


Minimum/Maximum size?

The APEX Xtender can accommodate any size between 1½ to 10½ inches of TOTAL length and up to 7½ inches girth. 


Is mailing/packaging discrete?

We value your privacy so your item will be shipped in a plain box with your shipping/mailing address on it, that's all.




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